Writing On Black Paper

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Non-permanent markers adhere just as well to smooth surfaces as permanent markers.

However, non-permanent markers use water-soluble ink. This makes these universal pens particularly excellent for all uses where the ink on a surface needs to be smudge-proof but shouldn’t be permanent, for instance overhead markers for overhead projector transparencies.

Users of these practical all-round talents can benefit from a whole range of possible applications.

The following backgrounds are generally not a problem for universal pens: Universal pens are available with various line thicknesses, depending on whether you prefer fine writing or thicker script that is easily legible from a distance.

This calls for pens with particular properties and ink that adheres well to special surfaces, whether it’s paper, wood or glass.

If you use universal pens, whatever you write will be permanently smudge-proof and waterproof on almost all surfaces.

So, everything we do will be going backwards from darkest to light—or, black to white.

Like other painting projects, work in thin layers of paint. For me, the llama’s eyes were black, as were its feet.

These correctable pens can be removed from smooth surfaces at any time without leaving any residue.

Whether permanent or non-permanent, universal pens can be used to write and draw on nearly all surfaces where fineliners, fibre-tipped pens and conventional felt pens would fail immediately.


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