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However, designating my i Pad as my main blogging device by optionally attaching a Magic Keyboard on occasion will help me fulfill one of my goals for 2018, which is to spend more time in i OS and to get even more use out of my i Pad.With the rise of the tablet, a special type of note-taking app has come along that emulates pencil and paper.I know it’s almost as easy to do the same on i Pad, but for whatever reason, I don’t.

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Overall, I’m very happy with my choice to move most of my long-form typing to i Pad.

And I’m very pleased with the Canopy/Magic Keyboard combination.

Besides, I get a lot more uses out of my i Pad than just writing.

Most of these involve performance on stage, or other tasks that are similarly in need of a distraction-free setup.

A Mac those notifications while I’m doing my day-to-day work.

I suppose I could easily designate a second Mac to be a dedicated writing machine and get mostly the same effect.Thus I still have no interest whatsoever in an i Pad with an integrated, always-connected hardware keyboard for my own uses.I also have no desire to see i OS and mac OS merge completely into some sort of combined touch/pointer Frankenstein.I fought the notion of a mechanical keyboard for my i Pad for years. I’ve never been able to type a sentence on any of them without immediately concluding that they were terrible compared to the on-screen keyboard, let alone my Mac Book Pro keyboard.Part of the reason was every keyboard designed for a tablet I’ve tried (including Apple’s own Smart Keyboard) is just not good. But the bigger reason I’ve always been opposed to external i Pad keyboards is I just fundamentally believe a tablet is a superior form factor to a laptop—for the subset of tasks I do most often on my i Pad.There’s no sense of using a “watered-down” version at all. When I want to head out to a coffee shop and do some writing and nothing else, my i Pad is always going to be lighter, even with the extra keyboard added, than my Mac Book pro, as light as that is.Ulysses for i Pad is as feature-rich as its mac OS counterpart. It’s the difference between lugging around a larger bag like my Air Porter and just throwing my Muzetto over my shoulder, too.I resisted the notion of attaching a keyboard to an i Pad for too long.I stand by my original opinion that for many, many tasks, i Pad is much better as a slab of glass with no mechanical keyboard.First, there’s something to be said for a truly “distraction-free” experience.I use Ulysses in full-screen mode on my Mac Book Pro, but even then, it’s way too easy to switch over to Twitterrific, Slack, or any other number of apps.


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