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Even though it is true that they have been naturally gifted however they still need to train hard every day to perform their best and help the sponsors to boost their brand value hence increasing the selling. Some people think is fully justified while others think it is unfair. It is irrefutable fact that games are the symbol of prosperity and wealth of a nation.

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Furthermore, we are setting a bad example for the youngsters as they grow up witnessing how our society do not reward the hard work.

Nevertheless, other people assert that athletes deserve their salary.

Moreover, they have a big responsibility as are requested to perform their best in every single game.

It is their job to strive until see their team win, there are millions of dollars involved in each game.

They have a very short career, as can only play at highest performance during very limited amount of years.

Normally sport players above thirty five are consider old to keep playing professionally.This situation has sparked a heated debate with opinions on both sides, in favor and against.Some people argue that is irresponsible to pay such amount of money to people who has just borned with a natural gift to play certain sport.They believe this is unfair for other professionals that spent several years studying hard and have to deal with really serious situations daily.Doctors, engineers, fire fighters among others, are clear examples of this unbalanced situation.I disagree with this view and believe that such sports can easing international tensions and bring people together.Firs of all, the history has shown that extreme competitions could even interrupt battles and nations together to stadiums.By doing this state authorities are giving false impressions and somehow encouraging biasness.In future these issue can sparkle numerous debates and adversely affect to economy of a country.These profession are related to the well being of society and lead to many new discoveries for mankind.Albeit, these are highly respectable professions yet government does not pay them according to their working hours.


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