World Water Crisis Essay

World Water Crisis Essay-18
When crop production is decreased due to a lack of water, many fields are left un-sown, or fallow.

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Lack of Access to Clean Water Currently 1.1 billion people in the world lack access to clean freshwater.

Without access to clean freshwater, these vulnerable populations are exposed to deadly water-borne illnesses and water gathering can limit educational and economic opportunities.

The United Nations has identified 276 transboundry river basins and 200 transboundry aquifers.

While treaties have outpaced acute disputes over the past 50 years (150 verses 37), the US director of national intelligence warned in a 2012 report that overuse of water could potentially threaten US national security.

Even in the case of Cape Town, which earlier this year proclaimed a water supply crisis that experts believed could literally cause taps to run dry, city officials blithely announced earlier this month that no emergency was imminent after all. The answer is yes—but not in the way most people think.

The truth is, most of the world’s water woes can be solved with enough money and willpower.

This simply means that the soil will not be able to support future plant life.

Few people would argue with the idea that the world has a serious problem with water.

First, the world’s fresh water is very unevenly distributed, meaning that cities and farms often have to invest enormous resources in bringing it to where it’s needed.

Because the world’s population is both growing and increasingly clustered in cities, it’s becoming more and more challenging to find enough water to grow more crops and at the same time fill more washbasins.


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