Women In The Romantic Period Essay

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The medieval romance was a tale that emphasized the exotic, the mysterious, and individual heroism.

This style contrasted the then prevalent classical forms of literature such as the French Neoclassical Tragedy.

These two styles were quite different from each other.

While Classism, another name for “The Age of The Romantic Period altered the way in which music was perceived.

Feel free to discuss presentations of women, by women (such as Austen’s Persuasion) as well as presentations of women by men (such as the “she” in Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty”).

Consider the following questions: are these presentations problematic?Influences on the Romantic Period Romanticism spawned in the late 18th century and flourished in the early and mid-19th century.Romanticism emphasized the irrational, the imaginative, the personal, the spontaneous, the emotional, the visionary, the transcendental, and the individual.Romanticism was preceded by related developments in the med-18th century referred to as “Pre-Romanticism”.One Pre-Romantic style was medieval romance, which is where Romanticism gets its name from.The romantic period broke away from the constraints and rules of the classical period - the ideals of balance, proportion and was known as the Reign of Terror. It marked the climax of England's rise to economic and military dominance (Pfordresher, 543)."England emerged from the eighteenth century a parliamentary state in which the monarchy was largely a figurehead," according to Pfordresher. The Romantic spirit didn't disappear, but it wasn't the leading influence.The French Revolution also brought up emerging issues of nationalism, which was shown in the failed Irish Uprising of 1798; these two events effected authors in the Romantic Era including Thomas Moore and Thomas Campbell.The ideas of nationalism are clearly seen in the poetry of Moore, who frequently talks about the conditions of the Irish-Catholic oppression and the Irish Revolution.Romanticism, or also known as the “The Romantic Period”, refers to the cultural movements that occurred in England, Europe, and America from 1770 to the 1860s.In this literary period, romantic writers saw themselves revolting against another period called the “Age of Reason” which began in the 1700s and ended in 1770.


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