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Endnotes must be added on a separate Endnotes or Notes page at the end of your essay just before the Works Cited or Bibliography page. This will eliminate the need to allow sufficient space to accommodate all the required Footnote entries at the bottom of the same page where your citations occur. She points out that the word “taboo” originates from the Polynesian languages meaning a religious restriction.All first Endnote references must be cited in full. If your instructor has no preference, use the much simpler Parenthetical Documentation in place of Footnotes or Endnotes. In reference to Freak Shows at circuses, Rothenberg makes the observation that people who possess uncommon features and who willingly go out in public to display such oddities to onlookers are acting as “modern-day taboo breakers” by crossing the “final boundary between societal acceptance and ostracism.”Begin your Endnotes page by centering the title Endnotes or Notes 1″ (2.5 cm) or about 6 lines from the top of the page.

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If you indent your paragraphs, the entire essay is typed double-spaced.

Title of essay centered, 1” (2.5 cm) margin on all four sides, page number at upper right hand corner ½” (1.25 cm) down from the top.

If your instructor prefers that you do not indent your paragraphs, you must still double-space your lines, but you will need to use quadruple-space between paragraphs.

Endnotes must be listed numerically and consecutively, both in your essay and in your Endnote citation. In your text, add a superscripted number immediately after the quote or reference cited with no space. It is recommended that you use Endnotes in place of Footnotes. Smith ENG-4GN-0118 April 2006The Many Facets of Taboo The World Book Encyclopedia defines Taboo as “an action, object, person, or place forbidden by law or culture.”Mary Douglas has analyzed the many facets and interpretations of taboos across various cultures.

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We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.In the notes section, use the same number to identify the endnote with the number in the text."(Robbins, Lara M.Alpha, 2007.)"Chapter 2: Ignoring the Content, Celebrating the Style19.Chapter Bibliographies If you wish to have a bibliography at the end of each chapter see the FAQ on the End Note website.Merging Chapters If you have already done separate chapters and will need to merge them to create a combined bibliography.Throughout this book, I include quotations from people who have been in my studies or classes, from text on the Internet, or even from conversations or e-mails from friends or family members.In all cases, all identifying information has been removed or altered.22.Also, endnotes better accommodate tables, quoted poetry, and other matter that requires special typography.""Readers of academic and scholarly books usually prefer footnotes to endnotes because the former allows them to skim the notes without losing their place in the text.Popular wisdom, however, says that nonscholarly readers are either reluctant or unwilling to purchase a nonfiction trade book whose feet are hemmed with ribbons of tiny type; thus most trade books place (the shop term is 'bury') the notes containing sources and references at the back of the book." "An author or title mentioned in the text need not be repeated in the footnote citation, though it is often helpful to do so.If your instructor considers your Endnotes to be adequate documentation, you may not be required to complete a Works Cited, References or Bibliography page. Otherwise, a separate page must be added at the end of your paper entitled: Works Cited, References, or Bibliography to include all of the citations already listed on your Endnotes or Notes page.


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