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You can begin with an independent clause using subordinators that show opposition: it’s also true / sensible / evident that refutationit’s more important / essential / vital that refutationthe bigger issue / point is that refutationwe must remember / take into consideration / conclude that refutation …it’s also evident that financial resources will always be limited.…

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Now that there is a clear statement of opposition, it’s your turn to rebut, or reinforce your point – that schools should move to a year round curriculum because students lose much of the previous year’s information and must be re-taught.Here are some formulas to help you frame the issue: Use the concession to show that you have understood the gist of your opponent’s argument.Using this form, you will show that while a specific point is true, the overall understanding is incorrect.the bigger point is that we do not have the resources to spend.…we must remember that standardized testing such as the TOEFL leads to rote learning.By conceding to their point, or agreeing that the opposition has a strong argument, you are positioning yourself as respectful and are more likely to gain the audience’s trust.This is not only respectful, but also a great opportunity to drive home your own points to re-emphasize your argument.Conceding to Opposition Often, the opposition has a very valid disagreement against your position, so valid that it might cause you to rethink your position.Instead of changing your thesis, consider conceding the point.As you introduce opposition, take care to be respectful of the other side’s opinions. Coming across as disrespectful or failing to take the opposition seriously is a sure way to make your own argument seem weak.Example Let’s consider the argument below and how you might include opposition: Argument: For the reason stated above, the opposition may disagree the contention that information is lost and must be retaught.


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