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Many conferences also publish slides and transcripts after the event, making referencing even easier!It might seem like the internet has removed the need for publishers to create huge paper dictionaries and multiple volumes of leather-backed encyclopaedias, but the information they provided is still extremely important.While it might seem unusual to quote a speaker instead of a writer, as long as you always cite the source it will be considered as equally valid as a paper resource.

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TV documentaries, radio shows, factual podcasts and online lectures (e.g.

TED Talks) are an interesting alternative to more traditional forms of research.

Online versions of these texts can provide you with an unbiased and concise definition of an idea or concept; these are perfect for arguing against, or using as support, when you’re tasked with discussing a divisive issue.

Interviewing an industry expert is definitely not something you should do when you have a deadline in a day or two, but if you’re ahead with your workload then this can be an unusual and insightful way of learning about a topic or business.

Having said that, our endeavour is to make sure this rush does NOT come with compromised quality.

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