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Here’s a couple of definitions: Writing is a form of personal freedom.

It frees us from the mass identity we see all around us.

Ex: Go to the door - open it - what's on the other side? As you plot your story, ask who, what, when, why and how questions to move your story along. questions, and keep asking them to move your story along. As you answer the questions, the story will unfold. (3) A magical factor can cause a personality change.

(These words can also be used in the title.) Questioning technique can get you started. (4) A deathbed promise leads to many possibilities.

She broke practically every one of my rules but the first. From the preface to Vonnegut's short story collection Bagombo Snuff Box.

I’ll be focusing on creative fiction in this post (mainly short stories and novels), but poetry, (auto)biography and creative non-fiction are all other forms of creative writing.(5) A child searching for a lost parent, sibling, or friend. (11) Quest to discover identity, fame, fortune or love.(6) A would-be champ seeks to correct a horrible injustice. (8) The revelation of the true identity of a person in disguise. Any of these motifs can get you started on a story you will be proud of. The plot is merely the events that take place in a story.By all means, if you’re keen, jump straight in and have a go: but don’t be too disappointed if your first efforts aren’t as good as you’d hoped.To extend Watts’ metaphor, you may find that these early attempts have wonky legs and an unsteady seat.If you’re in the UK, Sally Quilford’s competition listings are a comprehensive and regularly-updated list.I Should Be Writing podcast This is a practical and inspiring podcast: I Should Be Writing by Mur Lafferty.Here are some approaches to creative writing that might be of help.Try any (or all) of these three formulas to get you started: (1) Take away something that is needed. (2) Give something to something that doesn't usually have it. (3) Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. You may have a catchy title in mind that would provide the basis for a plot. (2) Your character may receive a warning from an unusual source.Kurt Vonnegut created some of the most outrageously memorable novels of our time, such as Cat's Cradle, Breakfast Of Champions, and Slaughterhouse Five.His work is a mesh of contradictions: both science fiction and literary, dark and funny, classic and counter-culture, warm-blooded and very cool. With his customary wisdom and wit, Vonnegut put forth 8 basics of what he calls Creative Writing 101: The greatest American short story writer of my generation was Flannery O'Connor (1925-1964).


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