Thesis Television History

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I used Google TV as a case study to show the convergence of television and the internet and how it affects our understanding of television.Feel free to read, download and distribute this page or . My professor wrote the following about my thesis: He wrote a solid historical overview of developments in television with relation to the emergence of Internet TV, taking into account the specificity of various transitions and developments concerning the medium, while integrating institutional, cultural and economic perspectives.

The insights gained from this analysis are then applied to Google TV as object of research to describe how web enabled television will affect and reshape the traditional domestic television medium, and some early predictions on the future of television are provided.

Keywords: Internet, Television, Flow, Convergence, Google TV, Media Power, Interface, Database.

The objective of this research is to examine new forms of internet enabled television in an era of ‘postbroadcasting’ or ‘flexible microcasting’, and the technological, cultural, political and economic effects on the television medium.

The cultural form of television has not only shaped its technological definition, but also the political and economic powers involved.

For my Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in New Media and Television studies I wrote a thesis on the historic development of internet television.

Thesis Television History

I researched the historical developments of the medium and how these developments have shaped the concept of Television.

Returning to the statement of Jeffrey Bewkes, we can argue if internet enabled television is a fundamental change and a radical transition from the historical development and struggle of the medium as a reaction to a networked and connected society, or whether television is a generation medium, changing through the years to fit the current demands of the audience and viewers.

As Raymond Williams notes about the new generation that finds novel uses beyond ‘orthodox television’: ‘[i]t is from this generation, raised on television, that we are continually getting examples and proposals of electronic creation and communication which are so different from orthodox television as to seem a quite new technology and cultural form’ (Williams, 1974; p. Over recent years internet based companies such as Google and Apple haven entered the television market, offering set-top boxes which are connected via the internet.

This research is an early attempt to understand the convergence of television and the web, and how this will affect the medium.

By looking at the development of the television as an domestic mass medium, and the development of interactive television after the Second World War with the rise of portable televisions, the remote control, and the VCR, DVD, and DVR, this research describes how television has always been a medium in transition.


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