Thesis Statements For The French Revolution

Thesis Statements For The French Revolution-22
From the Declaration came the Reign of Terror, led by the National Convention.

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He spread these beliefs by conquering various European countries with his armies. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen passed by the National Assembly in 1789 was the main foundations for a constitutional monarchy in France.

Amongst these countries were the German states, as well as the Italian states. Though warped and misled by the Jacobins of the National Convention within the period of the Reign of Terror, the French Directory allowed for neutrality between both ideas of government.

France was broken into three estates that were; the clergy, the nobility, and the common people. Things such as agriculture, manufacturing, and commerce were encouraged.

Taxes on the peasants were reduced, and taxes on the other groups were raised.

Henry's religious principle and political advantage gave him a special place in French history. He assured that the position of the king would be absolute. He supported overseas trade and built a highway system in France to promote commerce.

He cut off the ties with nobles and others that were a threat to the king. By evenly distributing the tax burden of the peasants he successfully lessened the class conflict.

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The reigns of Henry IV, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI each contributed to the strengthening of the French Monarchy as well as the destruction.

Class struggles were a major problem throughout the reigns of each king. Before the enlightenment people had accepted things as they were, but by the end of the His leading minister, Maximilien de Sully, reorganized the finances and promoted the economic healing of France after years of civil war.


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