Thesis Statement - Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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1) It was upon these revelations that Malcolm X would unknowingly prepare to make the ultimate sacrifice.

He tells that he was during this time in his personal development addicted to gaining any knowledge that might help him better understand the plight of his people and how he could help them advance.

Life in America has changed dramatically in many ways and, in others it has unfortunately remained pretty constant.

When Malcolm X told his story to Alex Haley, no one could have possibly imagined that Alex Haley would become one of the most famous authors of all time with the publication and subsequent televising of Roots.

Among the points of interest regarding this book are its original printing date, its co-author, and the man about whom the book is written. As a homework assignment, instruct each of the students to select one country or region and to prepare a cultural profile. Andrews is founder of Mc Pherson Andrews Marketing, an educational marketing consultant firm.

The first printing of The Autobiography of Malcolm X dates back to 1964, thirty years ago. They should list various aspects including: language spoken, religion, major source of income, interesting historical events, customs, currency, major ethnic groups, source of past and current conflicts. In addition to researching and developing school materials, she has taught at the Junior High and college levels.

Be sensitive to the fact that there may be a number of students in your class who disagree with his approaches. They should also explain why they chose the order that they chose for the visits.

After students have completed the Autobiography, ask them to express how they personally feel about Malcolm X and his philosophies about the plight of African Americans. Take a close look at the 1999 foreword by Attallah Shabazz. Tell them to schedule the month and year that they would go to each country or region and to explain why they chose the places that they chose.

Ask them to write down their impressions about how he lived, what he stood for, the changes he underwent in philosophy, how he dies, and the manner in which people continue to keep his memory alive. Have your students keep a notebook as they read The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Provide structure for each reading assigned by identifying either a particular theme, series of events, or conflict that can be the focal point of the reading.


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