Thesis On N Cinema

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National identity has been posited as an 'imaginary community' that in reality is formed of many separate and fragmented communities defined more by social class, economic class, sexuality, gender, generation, religion, ethnicity, political belief and fashion, than nationality.

The increasingly transnational practices in film funding, production and distribution combined with the 'imagined community' thus provide the basis for an argued shift towards a greater use of transnational, rather than national, perspectives within film studies.(...) to date the discourse of cinematic transnationalism has been characterized less by competing theories and approaches than by a tendency to use the term ‘transnational’ as a largely self-evident qualifier requiring only minimal conceptual clarification.

Contact: Professor Courtney Brannon Donoghue ( [email protected]).

These workshops give attendees a chance to gain valuable experience in specialized areas of digital film production and post-production through close interaction with faculty and industry professionals.

Participants direct and film a student-written screenplay using RED cameras and professional lighting, sound, track and dolly, and boom equipment. This is a celebration at the end of the academic year that showcases the creative work of Cinema Studies students and honors graduating seniors and recent alumni.

Contact: Professor Adam Gould ( [email protected]). This showcase of creative skills and test of endurance in an around-the-clock filmmaking project has teams of students and alumni, write, shoot and edit an original short film in 24 hours.

with a solid base in film history and theory joined by a specialized sequence of filmmaking courses.

OU Cinema Studies offers a number of venues through which students may share their creative work and film criticism with a broader audience.

In addition, students will be well-prepared to pursue cinema studies or other academic disciplines at the graduate level. OU Cinema Studies students are strongly encouraged to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities to enrich their college experience and to develop valuable technical, interpersonal and professional skills outside of the classroom.

For more information about OU Cinema Studies, please contact Professor Andrea Eis at [email protected] Getting involved includes attending on-campus Cinema Studies events, applying for internship opportunities and becoming a member of one or more of the student organizations listed below.


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