Thesis On Employee Privacy Right In The Workplace

Do companies that do not offer Internet privacy have a requirement to tell their employees?

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While some employers are much more concerned than others, and therefore monitor their employees' activities more closely, all employers have the option to monitor their employees where the Internet is concerned.

This is making some employees very nervous, but does it violate their rights?

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Usually, employee monitoring can be limited to a record of the email traffic and the subject of those emails, without actually having to read the contents (Loney, 2002).

Because email and Internet have not been around for a long time in the grand scheme of things, the rules on what a person can and cannot do are still being created.

The debate rages on as to whether it is moral, ethical and legal for employers to monitor the actions of their employees.

Employers believe that monitoring is necessary both to discourage illicit activity and to limit liability.

The main thesis for this paper is that employees in a workplace do not enjoy Internet privacy while they are at work and that they should not expect it as a basic right.

The tested theory is that, overall, this thesis holds true and most companies that offer their employees the Internet at work or require them to use the Internet or email for business do not give them any expectation of privacy.


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