Theories Of Crime And Deviance Essay

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Illustrate your discussion with reference to age and crime.

changing attitudes to homosexuality in the 20 century.

A further function of deviance was suggested by Kingsley Davies (1967): deviance acted as a safety valve for society.

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A recent MORI poll, for instance, concerning the public’s attitudes towards the area of crime and delinquency reveals that almost 45 per cent of those poled thought that their concern of crime had “Increased a lot” over the last few years and that 46 per cent had lost confidence in the police and the social services ability to deal with its victims.

With this in mind, this paper attempts to place the theories of deviance and control within the context of modern theories concerning social work and social work policy.

Although excessive deviance could be symptomatic of an unhealthy or dysfunctional society, perhaps surprisingly, Durkheim argued that deviance itself was functional, normal and inevitable.

Durkheim argued that in a functioning society there is a value consensus (a shared set of norms and values) into which, thanks to various social institutions, the vast majority in a society have been socialised.


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