The Merchant Of Venice Essay

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Also, Christians of the time looked at Jews with negativity.

“It can be argued that this goes back to the earliest days of Christianity, when the tradition began of making the Jews bear the guilt of the Crucifixion.

Hastily, Shylock is determined to obtain his pound of Christian flesh.

Shakespeare provides his audience distinct differences between Antonio and Shylock.

Representing the Christian belief is Antonio who is summoned to court by a Jew who goes by the name Shylock.

The cross between Christianity and Judaism begins as Antonio and Shylock create a legally binding bond.

He helps his loved one by borrowing money from Shylock and pawns his life to strengthen that bond.

This reinforced bondage reflects Antonio’s selflessness, God-like quality, and most importantly Christian morality.

Shylock strictly follows the Old Testament of law and is determined to receive justice.

Portia on the other hand teaches the audience the practice of the New Testament.


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