The Chocolate War Essay Introduction

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Conformity can be introduced via peer pressure and/or accepted social norms.

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The incident fills Goober with guilt, and he begins to become disenchanted with Trinity.

Jerry's assignment is to not participate in the chocolate sale for ten days, thereby openly defying Brother Leon.

Brother Leon knows that Archie is the one responsible for this, and he allows the violence against Jerry to continue.

Jerry's final punishment comes when Archie organizes a cruel gladiatorial boxing match in front of the whole school between Jerry and a bully named Emile Janza.

Leon is only temporarily in charge of Trinity, because the real headmaster is in the hospital.

The power-hungry Leon has overextended school funds to get a bargain on the chocolates, fulfilling Archie's later comment that all people are "greedy and cruel." He wants the students to sell exponentially more boxes than the have in previous years, and at higher prices.Goober must unscrew every single screw on every single piece of furniture in a classroom (a task that would have been impossible had certain masked Vigils not shown up in the middle of the night to lend a hand), causing a raucous collapse during school the next day.The disruption so upsets the teacher, Brother Eugene, that he must go on a leave of absence.She then points out how far people are willing to go to avoid the stigma of being poor.Teenagers killing for a certain pair of shoes or a jacket (434) or buying items that indicate success like a large TV (435) even if it means going into debt and forgoing certain necessities.Many films that feature a “rags-to-riches” story are hits at the box office.These are just two examples Hook uses to show how our cultures reinforces the stigma that being poor is a negative aspect.Archie agrees to help Leon with the chocolate sale.Archie assigns various tasks to students, including Jerry's best friend, Goober.Her native Chicano is a mixture of Spanish and English but she could never speak it around native Spanish speakers since they considered it a “bastard language” (377).Her own people would call her a “cultural traitor” for speaking the “oppressor’s language” (375).


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