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If there is a whiteboard behind you, put your name and contact information on the whiteboard.

Costs for printing images in color are a separate fee and are not included in the page charge total.

Instructions for Authors is a peer-reviewed journal in the English language.

If you must use a whiteboard at other points during the presentation, come prepared with the right pens [black or dark blue] and write words in large, legible handwriting so that people can read it from a distance [it is best to print rather than using cursive].

And, of course, remember to write things off to the side so you don't block people's view of what you just wrote while you're speaking! University of Pennsylvania; Designing an Effective Power Point Presentation: Quick Guide.

If possible, know the room from the front before you have to give your presentation.

The front of a classroom or auditorium feels different from where you are normally used to sitting as a student. Most of this is common sense, but cutting and pasting text, moving things around, and revising content over time can create errors, so keep these general guidelines in mind when reviewing the final draft of your presentation.Strategies to highlight a particular point during your presentation include capitalizing text, bolding text, or using a bright [but readable] color to contrast against the regular text.The definitive source of peer-reviewed HIV and retrovirus-related research, with coverage ranging from the molecular basis of the virus to clinical studies on vaccines and potential cures.View Aims & Scope Please be sure to follow the Instructions for Authors below on Manuscript Preparation.PAGE CHARGES Page charges for this journal are set at .00 USD per typeset page.Nonpayment of page charges may result in a delay in publication.The submitting author/agent will then be provided the opportunity to re-upload the corrected file(s).If a paper is un-submitted, the paper will reside in the corresponding author’s “Author Center” as a draft, and the submitting author/agent will be able to make the necessary adjustments.Another strategy to save paper is to leave a card on each seat listing the web site where the audience can access the content online.Use a It is always good idea to include space on the handout for people to take notes, a list of references, and your contact information so people can review them later or contact you if needed.


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