Sweet November Essay

Sweet November Essay-16
Trump has the temperament of a leader who doesn’t distinguish between his private desires and demons and the public interest.

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Although some federal courts will block flagrant violations of constitutional rights, Congress could try to impeach the most independent-minded judges, and Trump could replace them with loyalists.

But, beyond these partisan advantages, something deeper is working in Trump’s favor, something that he shrewdly read and exploited during the campaign.

Democratic senators can slow, though not stop, pieces of the Republican agenda if they find the nerve to behave like their nihilistic opponents, further damaging the institution for short-term gain.

It would be ugly, but the alternative seems like a sucker’s game.

President Donald Trump should be given every chance to break his campaign promise to govern as an autocrat.

But, until now, no one had ever won the office by pledging to ignore the rule of law and to jail his opponent.

During Obama’s Presidency, Republican senators exploited ancient rules in order to put up massive resistance.

Filibusters and holds became routine ways of taking budgets hostage and blocking appointments.

In crucial agencies of Nixon’s own Administration, including the F. None of these institutions could have functioned without the vitalizing power of public opinion.

Within months of reëlecting Nixon by the largest margin in history, Americans began to gather around the consensus that their President was a crook who had to go.


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