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The second bottle might be used for bathing to stave off disease, an urgent but less immediate need.The third bottle could be used for a less urgent need such as boiling some fish to have a hot meal, and on down to the last bottle, which the castaway uses for a relatively low priority like watering a small potted plant to keep him company on the island.

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On the other hand, the term "quantity demanded" refers to a point along with horizontal axis.

Changes in the quantity demanded strictly reflect changes in the price, without implying any change in the pattern of consumer preferences.

The law of demand is one of the most fundamental concepts in economics.

It works with the law of supply to explain how market economies allocate resources and determine the prices of goods and services that we observe in everyday transactions.

Changes in quantity demanded just mean movement along the demand curve itself because of a change in price.

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These two ideas are often conflated, but this is a common error; rising (or falling) in prices do not decrease (or increase) demand, they change the quantity demanded. The shape and position of the demand curve can be impacted by several factors.Supply is made up of the number of houses in the market, and consequently, of these, the number of houses which are up for sale.As the prices of houses for sale increases, the demand for purchase of these properties decreases.Residents, or the general population of individuals, place significant reliance on financial institutions to provide sources of capital i.e mortgages, to fund their purchases of homes.The rate of interest charged by these organisations in turn gives buyers (consumers) purchasing power, creating demand.Because they value each additional unit of the good less, they are willing to pay less for it.So the more units of a good consumers buy, the less they are willing to pay in terms of the price.Economics involves the study of how people use limited means to satisfy unlimited wants.The law of demand focuses on those unlimited wants.Naturally, people prioritize more urgent wants and needs over less urgent ones in their economic behavior, and this carries over into how people choose among the limited means available to them.For any economic good, the first unit of that good that a consumer gets their hands on will tend to be put to use to satisfy the most urgent need the consumer has that that good can satisfy.


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