Structure Research Paper Proposal

Structure Research Paper Proposal-50
ii) Candidates shall be required to discuss their concept paper with prospective supervisor before submitting to the department.

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– Conceptual framework should demonstrate an understanding of what variable influences what. CHAPTER 4 RESEARCH FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION i) Style of presentation: – presentation of raw data followed by discussion.

ii) Should be guided by the methodology: – Unit of analysis should be based on the research questions or objectives and should capture the independent variables.

vii) Figure titles should be at the bottom of the figures. A) Pre-requisites i) The Researcher must come up with original work.

The Department shall maintain compendium for the past research work to fight plagiarizing, which is a serious academic offence contrary to JKUAT Examination Regulations.

The literature review surveys key academic works in your field of research, such as books, refereed journal articles, and postgraduate theses.

The review should summarise, analyse, categorise and compare the most significant works - it does not need to cover everything that has been written on the topic.

– Indicate what has been done by other researchers including the methodologies used and identify gaps. 3.2 Population – clearly identify the population and the target population. 3.5 Instruments 3.6 Data collection procedure 3.7 Pilot test – depends on the instrument being used 3.8 Data Processing and analysis REFERENCES: Thesis should include both referencing and bibliography and project to have only reference. questionnaire, Interview Schedule etc), Budget, work plan.

– The hypothesized variables should be subheadings of the literature review to form a framework that would help in analysis. The Report will include the above three chapters re-written in reported speech plus Chapters four and five.

Also the Publisher appreciates that this an insightful reading material for scholars, practitioners in research and other readers interested in the subject matter. Title – A concise statement of the main topic and should identify the variables. Note: For proposals (spiral bound) the cover page should include the title, author and affiliation (all on one page) and centered. Signature Date Note: Paginate using roman numbers starting with the declaration page.

– Should be a reflection of the contents of the document. – Should not contain redundancies such as ‘a study of….‘an investigation of…… B) Declaration: Should include both the candidate’s and the supervisor’s declaration and duly signed. C) Abstract: This is a brief statement of the problem, objectives of the study, target population, sampling technique and sample size, instruments, data collection, data processing and analysis, key findings and major recommendations. D) Table of contents: The rubric should be in title case and single spaced. – The subheadings should follow each chapter title and should be in title case.


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