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A study conducted by Admit See, an undergraduate and graduate application-sharing platform created by University of Pennsylvania students, found students who used certain words, wrote about certain topics or even just wrote with a certain tone in their application essays were more likely to get accepted to one Ivy League school over another.Upon analyzing its application archives, Admit See found students who referred to their parents as “mom and dad” in their application essays were more likely to get accepted to Stanford, while students who called them “mother and father” were more likely to receive a Harvard admission offer.

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Further, when looking specifically between Yale and Brown, Admit See found that Brown admitted more students who wrote about their volunteer experience, whereas there was no conclusive data that confirmed Yale favored essays of this type.

While Admit See's findings focused specifically on applications submitted by students who were accepted to Ivy League institutions, the site has application materials for a wide variety of schools on its site.

At the beginning of every MBA application season, we at mba Mission ask ourselves the same question for all the top programs: “Are they going to change their essay questions this year or not?

” We now have our answer for the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), and it is “yes revisited the accompanying text and made minor adjustments to its counsel—though we cannot say we see any momentous revisions in those messages.

“I've worked with enough students to know that students should customize their application essay by university,” Fayal said.

“I hope that, by releasing Admit See data, we're leveling the playing field for students who can't afford private college consultants.” And Cohen agreed.

Every time a high school student views a college student's application materials, that college student is paid a stipend by Admit See.

Admit See found students whose application essays had a sad tone were more likely to be accepted to Harvard than Stanford.

“If you take out diversity candidates and student athletes, the difference between legacy and non-legacy students gets really scary,” Fayal said.

Fayal was unable to provide exact numbers on this data – she said Admit See needs to wait to receive more applications containing this type of information.


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