Standing Up For Your Beliefs Essay

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It’s why I recently spoke with Kerry Armstrong on Raw Courage.TV, who stayed in a physically and emotionally abusive marriage for 22 years for “all the right and all the wrong reasons” before she found the courage to walk away.

It’s why I recently spoke with Kerry Armstrong on Raw Courage.

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But unfortunately people who are different are not liked here.

In seventh grade, I began to see the prejudice streaming through the school halls.

As an atheist, I felt very uncomfortable about going to the assembly, but I also did not think it was fair that if I didn’t go I would have to go to the in-school suspension room.

It seemed like I was being punished just because I did not want attend a religious event. As we walked to the assembly, I told my teacher that I was not looking forward to it because I am an atheist. She told me, “I wouldn’t brag about that.” This lit a fire under me.

" I overheard a woman asking another woman on the train lately.

While I had no idea who "he" was - her boss, her lover, her father, or her co-worker - I sensed that the person in question had been pushing her around - to use her friend's language - for some time. That we'll only end up feeling worse about ourselves that we already do.Likewise, a quick glance at domestic violence statistics reveals how many people – both women men - choose to stay in abusive relationships for years because they are too afraid to leave. It also affirms the truth in the adage: You teach people how to treat you.Afraid of what they will have to give up – security, social status or the comfort of the familiar. Whatever the current state of your personal or professional relationships, take a moment to consider where you sometimes stay silent rather than speaking up to make a stand for yourself.As Kerry discovered when she finally found the courage to trust in herself and walk away from a destructive relationship , whole new possibilities open up for us when we refuse to let fear run our lives and find the courage to stand up for ourselves. against Chesterfield County School District on behalf of student Jordan Anderson and his father, Jonathan Anderson.I could hear her friend's bewilderment and frustration and how passive her friend had been in the face of poor treatment. But let's face it - The reasons so many people allow others to step on their dignity and treat them with a lack of respect, care or kindness are as complex as human nature itself. Our deep desire to belong coupled with our fear of rejection can trigger our vulnerability and override our better judgement.But at the core it it lies our fear of what might happen if we do stand up for ourselves. That we'll be ostracised by friends, family or co-workers. Sometimes it may simply be that we let an issue fester with a colleague at work rather than addressing it.Teachers ordered me to copy essays stating that I believe in God and thank God every day.And in case that wasn’t clear enough, Christian religious symbols hung throughout the school.Or where you tolerate being treated in ways that leave you hurt, frustrated, resentful or undervalued.It may not seem like a big deal, but over time, we teach people how to treat us.


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