Solved Problems In Chemistry

Note - I did not mention talent, for hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

If you want to progress into medicine or engineering, I want you to find it in you to practice my surgery and double check your calculations a dosen of times before you cut me open or build that bridge.

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Step 2: Think about how your unknown (the thing you need to find) is related to the information you have been given by the scientific principle(s) you have decided on.

Step 1: Underneath the list of data you have already written down, write down a You can always add more steps later if you need to, or ignore ones that you don't use.You have to use the same trick if you want to play piano faster: practice, practice, practice.Let’s be honest- chemistry course has been used as a “weed out“ course to separate the students with ambition and those with ambition and solid study skills. If everything looked good after completion of the PAUSE to Ponder step above, then you have solved the problem. If you have checked all of the above, then it is time to .... The plan could be a set of numbered steps or it could be a flow chart, but it must be something that you can follow sequentially. The aim of this step is to prepare a game plan that you can follow in order to solve the problem. Include the units of measurement where appropriate. Where appropriate, write the symbol for a piece of data next to it in the list. Extract all the information, the data, given in the question and write it down as a list under your note about which scientific principle applies. Footnotes: (1) This approach is based on Polya's approach to problem solving in maths, which I always think of as a 'Weapon of Maths Deconstruction', but is a good general approach to problem solving. State your solution to the problem by writing it down. If, however, there is some doubt about the value, or quality, of your response after going through the checks above, you should STOP here and start the problem solving process again, from the beginning, with step 1.


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