Sample Financial Plan For Business Plan

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Likewise, lenders will take the resources of these individuals into consideration when making the determination of whether to extend credit.

Unless the company has considerable assets to post as collateral, lenders will require founders/owners to sign personal guarantees for the debts of the business.

It depends upon the intended use of the business plan.

The financials portion of the business plan may be surprisingly unique depending on the business.

For this reason, I recommend that you invest considerable time in mapping out the potential startup costs.

Sample Financial Plan For Business Plan Secondary Data Analysis Dissertation

When preparing a the list of startup expenses, it is best to overestimate the amount.You will need to itemize your expenses in a readily usable and modifiable format.I recommend using excel in the beginning and later moving to a customized accounting system (like intuit or quickbooks).Another approach would be to allocate a set additional amount of money entitled contingencies.This should generally be 15-25 percent of the total startup expenses.You should conduct secondary and primary research to determine the costs associated with startup.Secondary research would be to read material from secondary sources on cost of assets or services.This information serves the dual purpose of satisfying the requirements of lenders and investors.Potential investors will want assurance about the owner’s ability to meet the financial needs of the business.Many entrepreneurs depend too much on their own time and efforts to carry out business functions.While this may be necessary, it pulls the entrepreneur from his/her primary tasks – planning and organizing resources to develop the business.


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