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At age eight, Benjamin was sent to live with an aunt and uncle to receive an education. Rush was active in the Sons of Liberty and was elected to attend the provincial conference to send delegates to the Continental Congress.attended a school run by Reverend Samuel Finley, which later became West Nottingham Academy. Redman encouraged him to further his studies at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where Rush studied from 1766 to 1768 and earned an M. Thomas Paine consulted Rush when writing the profoundly influential pro-independence pamphlet Common Sense.His study of mental disorder made him one of the founders of American psychiatry.

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He was a leader in Pennsylvania's ratification of the Constitution in 1788.

He was prominent in many reforms, especially in the areas of medicine and education.

S.) and a civic leader in Philadelphia, where he was a physician, politician, social reformer, humanitarian, and educator as well as the founder of Dickinson College. Rush was a leader of the American Enlightenment and an enthusiastic supporter of the American Revolution.

December 24, 1745] – April 19, 1813) was a signer of the Declaration of Independence (U.

Rush's ideas on Yellow Fever treatments differed from those of many experienced French doctors, who came from the West Indies where they had Yellow Fever outbreaks every year.

Rush was a founding member of the Philadelphia Society for Alleviating the Miseries of Public Prisons (known today as the Pennsylvania Prison Society In 1803, Thomas Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis to Philadelphia to prepare for the Lewis and Clark Expedition under the tutelage of Rush, who taught Lewis about frontier illnesses and the performance of bloodletting.He became a professor of medical theory and clinical practice at the University of Pennsylvania in 1791, though the quality of his medicine was quite primitive even for the time: he advocated bloodletting for almost any illness, long after its practice had declined.He became a social activist, an abolitionist, and was the most well-known physician in America at the time of his death.In 1794, he was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.In the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793 in Philadelphia, Rush treated patients with bleeding, calomel, and other early medicinal techniques that often were ineffective and actually brought many patients closer to their deathbeds.Ten days later, Rush wrote to John Adams relaying complaints inside Washington's army, including about "bad bread, no order, universal disgust" and praising Conway, who had been appointed to Inspector General. Shippen sought Rush's resignation and received it by the end of the month after Continental Congress delegate John Witherspoon, chairman of a committee to investigate Morgan's and Rush's charges of misappropriation and mismanagement against Shippen, told Rush his complaints would not produce reform.Rush later expressed regret for his gossip against Washington.Nonetheless, Rush accepted an appointment as surgeon-general of the middle department of the Continental Army.Rush's order "Directions for preserving the health of soldiers" became one of the foundations of preventative military medicine and was repeatedly republished, including as late as 1908. Shippen's misappropriation of food and wine supplies intended to comfort hospitalized soldiers, under-reporting of patient deaths, and failure to visit the hospitals under his command, ultimately led to Rush's resignation in 1778.There is not a king in Europe that would not look like a valet de chambre by his side." In 1783, he was appointed to the staff of Pennsylvania Hospital, and he remained a member until his death.He was elected to the Pennsylvania convention which adopted the Federal constitution and was appointed treasurer of the United States Mint, serving from 1797–1813.


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