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Several papers in the literature have proposed different methods for performance and benchmarking of UHF RFID tags.The work by [5] considered maximum range and orientation sensitivity but did not take into consideration the medium on which the tag is put.As new technologies continue to emerge into the market, coupled with lower priced, more reliable tags, RFID is becoming enabled to move into areas, other than just the supply chain.

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Although the use of RFID is simple, its proper application should be studied to achieve maximum efficiency and utilization in the industry.

This paper is intended to demonstrate the test results of various multisurface UHF tags from different manufacturers for their readability under varying conditions such as orientation of tags with respect to reader, distance of tag from the reader, and materials used for embedding tags.

Reference [8] designed a testing protocol to measure performances of RFID devices for blood supply chain.

The work by [9] evaluated RFID systems on performance characteristics as the effective capture zone, tag orientation, tag separation, and so on.

Thus, many organizations are still depending upon the RFID vendors’ assessment of their own products, so this creates the possibility of biased results in terms of tag performance swaying the companies in ways that might not actually benefit their businesses.

This means that there is a need for unbiased and reliable sources of information about the tag performance.These conditions could affect the reliability of RFID systems used for varied applications.In this paper, we implement a Design for Six Sigma Research (DFSS-R) methodology that allows for reliability testing of RFID systems.Automatic identification of objects has been very prominent in many fields mainly because of ease of use and high efficiency.Auto-ID includes bar codes, smart cards, biometrics and voice recognition, magnetic stripes, RFID, and numerous other devices.The mandates of Walmart 2003 and DOD 2004 compelled all their vendors to use RFID in their supply chain, which eventually turned out to be a success for further adoption by other agencies and organizations world-wide.The advantage of RFID is that it requires less hardware and has a larger coverage area [3].However, our research can be extended for antitheft purpose as well based on the readability and reliability of tags.The work in [13] proposed a combinatorial methodology for RFID Benchmarking by taking into consideration distance, vertical and horizontal distance.This paper contributes to the testing of RFID tags in different environments and focuses on tag performance with respect to each parameter.This paper is further divided into several sections, Section 2 comprises Literature Review and contributions, Section 3 discusses the methodology used in this paper, Section 4 discusses results obtained from the methodology, and Section 5 describes the Conclusion and Future work.


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