Research Paper On Job Satisfaction

Research Paper On Job Satisfaction-64
Work-family conflict had been manifested as a problem in the work-life as the employees could not balance their role as employees and as a family member.These variables were hypothesized to affect employees’ job stress level.

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These relationships explained 64% of job stress variance. In every aspect of managing, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling need a human factor involvement.

Keywords: Stress, Organizational commitment, Work to family conflict, Job satisfaction Can We Rely on Job Satisfaction to Reduce Job Stress? Thus, optimizing the human factor will always lead to the improvement of organizational effectiveness as whole.

Data was collected using self-administered questionnaires. The data was analysed with correlation and multiple regression analyses.

Correlation analysis showed that stress had a strong positive relationship with work-family conflict.

Therefore, this stress level has to be managed and buffered so it will not harm employees’ performance. Furthermore, stress has a positive correlation with their role conflict, especially work-family conflict.

Research Paper On Job Satisfaction

A study on job-stress level will help us to understand and manage how to reduce the impact or buffer the stress on employees. A presence of organizational commitment also becomes an important factor to be accounted in evaluating employees’ job stress level.

There were 72 employees across division selected in the research.

The sample was proportionally taken from each division.

One of the success key factors of each organization or firm is always held by human factor which operates the organization from within. An organization has to select and recruit the right man on the right job.

It has already been commonly known that human factors are the hub and backbone of each organization which will play every role to deliver the organizational function (Osuagwu, C. Nowadays, we face a more and more complex competition which forces many organizations to draft higher goals to achieve.


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