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Often a research assignment requires you to submit a final outline prior to submitting the final paper. Diane Kampf has more than 20 years of teaching experience ranging from middle school to college freshmen.

She holds a Master of Arts degree in creative writing and English literature and a New York State Secondary Teacher Certificate.

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Pinewriters was founded to help you fulfill your research paper writing needs.You read or skim books, excerpts of books, articles and Internet material. Write only one fact or idea per note card and document the page number and the author and/or title of the research material. The appropriate style must also be used for the works cited page at the end of the research paper.You look in indices and tables of contents to quickly find material that applies to the topic. You should take notes on everything you think will help you write the paper. Good research is crucial, but it is also important for you to include your own observations and sometimes even opinions of the researched material.Some research paper topics are assigned, but sometimes the assignment is very broad or completely open and up to the writer to choose.The topic should be broad enough to fulfill the paper’s length requirements, but not so broad that researching and organizing becomes a problem.Our hiring criterion cannot be matched by any other writing service.We also, give our customers the opportunity to choose the writer that satisfies their needs in terms of expectations.For example, for a five- to seven-page paper, the topic of “The Peanut Butter Sandwich” would be too narrow, but the topic of “All the Sandwiches of the World” might be too broad.You would want something in between, like “Five Unusual Sandwiches and their Origins.” Preliminary research is done to find out how much information is available on the topic.We have made it easier for you to navigate through the site with our customer-friendly feature.Customers who have used Pinewriters keep coming for more services for the following reasons. Pinewriters offers the cheapest research paper writing services. Your research paper is run through multiple checks for plagiarism, grammar and content quality. Pinewriters offers the best customer service 24/7; therefore, you have the best support for your custom research paper. We also offer free unlimited revisions in case your research paper needs readjustments. Pinewriters also has the best refund policy in the writing industry.


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