Research Grant Proposal

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The proposal should articulate how the results from these interview(s) will be analyzed or interpreted.

The project takes place in a lab or research group environment.

Context will be given that provides a framework for how the pieces will be analyzed or interpreted.

Projects may be conducted in a non-English language.

Students are more likely to write a successful proposal when they meet with an OUR advisor.

The proposed project involves collecting primary sources held in archives, a Special Collections library, or other repository.The student clearly defines parameters for a "successful" project with indication of how they will assess if the product meets these minimum qualifications.A group project is proposed by two or more students; these proposals receive one additional page for each additional student beyond the two page maximum.The proposal should clearly define who will be interviewed, how these participants will be recruited, and/or proof of support from contacts.The proposal should include interview questions in an appendix, which allows the review committee to assess whether the questions being asked will ultimately allow the student to answer the research question.The methods are likely influenced by theory within the field of study.In the proposal, the student has clearly defined which pieces will be studied and will justify why these pieces were selected.The proposal writing process requires stages of editing while a student formulates their project and works on best representing that project in writing.2) The samples reflect a wide range of project types, but they are not exhaustive.The project often fits within the larger goals/or project of the research group, but the proposal still has a clearly identified research question that the student is working independently to answer.The project studies, evaluates, and interprets literature or composition.


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