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It may sound intimidating, and maybe even frightening, but your clinical experience offers you a learning opportunity to build the foundation of your nursing education.Today’s guest blogger shares her clinical experience as a nursing student and how it prepared her for her life as a registered nurse and how it helped her serve as a preceptor to future generations of registered nurses. I was overly enthusiastic—I had my (overly priced) starch white uniform pressed, my brand new pair of white sneakers ready to go, my trusty, never-been-used plastic mannequin named “Bob” in the nursing lab, and my stethoscope. My first clinical experience was at an extended care facility for my Adult/Geriatric Nursing class.

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After the handover, to enable consistent management of the unit, I introduced myself as the person in charge of the unit; this is to ensure staff members are aware ot my role.

I knew I nad to assign my mentor and tw ccording to their abilities and limitations. (2004), adds that nurses must assess each client’s particular needs; make an educated decision about which staff members have the appropriate skills for the work.

Finally it will underline the feedback from my mentor and the staff, actions taken to improve on my learning and a conclusion will be rawn.

Reflection is a process of learning that require the ability to reflect or think about what you have done, how you did it and how you could do it better London Pharmacy Education & Training, (2005).

I gave delegates the chance to assess the task given to them to know if they have got any question and told them to call for assistance whenever there is need for it.

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Furthermore, when delegating care, it must be in the best interest of the patient and delegation can be more successful if the right person with the right skill is chosen for the task (Payne 2002).After my induction, I was given client’s folders and care plans to read, with this I was able to identify their needs and was able to support the clients.After the induction, myself and my mentor discussed about my learning outcomes and I took six learning outcomes that were relevant to my placement setting.I listened tentatively in order to understand the care to provide for patients.Listening is the ability to perceive the exact message that the sender intended (Scovell, 2010).Handover helps provide relevant information; ensure effective and safe patient care (Hoban, 2003).During the handover I had my mentor, and two healthcare assistant for the shift.The clinical experience is often times the cornerstone of the nursing student’s career. I was there at sharp—a feat for me even then, as I’m chronically on “Becky Time,” which is a beautiful experience of always being five to ten minutes late everywhere I go.I had a year of coursework before I began my clinical experiences. I didn’t know anyone, as I had recently transferred into the program from a different city, and to say that I was nervous would be an understatement.However if delegation is carried out correctly, it will be beneficial to everyone working in the organization (Maddux, 1990 & Nelson, 1994).Therefore professionals must make sure that safe care is given to patient (NMC 2008).


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