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Works Cited “Radiologic Technician." Health Careers In Michigan. Employment of radiologic technologist is expected to increase by 28% between 20…”(Innerbody) Techs get paid based on an hourly wage, system which means that the more hours you have, the more money you get on your paycheck. Sometimes, the radiologic technologist injects a dye to help color the image and pinpoint to the department where another technologist indicates they accidently gave you the wrong patient room number.

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I have with me here Jessica, a patient who presents with complications which I need to evaluate.The last name with an appropriate title should be used, along with a pleasant greeting Examples of inside customers include: Co-workers and other departments What Associations for Radiologic Technicians. Some may advance to sales or service positions in companies that manufacture x-ray equipment. The machine consists of X-rays around the entire circular structure to provide the radiologist a more in-depth, three dimensional view of a problem area (de Ville de Goyet 1-2).In 1979,states around the world started to give Radiologic Technicians licenses to practice and to study the art of Radiology. The Radiography program is a two-year program leading to technicians earned between ,000 and ,000 annually… Where a simple chest X-ray produces .02 millisieverts (m Sv) of radiation, one chest CT scan produces 8 m Sv (or 400 days of background radiation) (Hart 50).The career I have chosen is Radiology Technologist.The reason I have chosen radiology technologist is because I am a hands on person and love working with and seeing different people everyday.In this paper, I discuss the radiological – pathological correlation in every kind of pulmonary emphysema.HRCT of early centrilobular emphysema indicates an evenly distributed centrilobular small areas of low attenuation with ill-defined borders.I am now thinking about being a Radiologic & MRI Technologist.I became interested in this career when my sister brought up they she was thinking about being one.No university recognized categorization system of these kinds exists, but relationships of autopsy outcomes in 1,823 cases over a 12-year period ascertain that the radiographic and pathologic characteristics of the emphysemas are easily understood if centrilobular, panlobular, paracicatricial, and restricted types of the disease are identified.Centrilobular emphysema linked to cigarette smoking is the most prevalent type.


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