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Question Paper On Research Methodology-52
In Zone Research will survey fans attending one of the Final Four games to assess preferences for pricing and products offered at concession stands. However, when political researchers want to assess the change in opinion towards the war in Iraq from the initial deployment of troops to the elections in Iraq, a(n) study should be used.

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Harris Interactive surveys members of its Kid Zone, a group of consumers ages These participants report consumption data on a variety of products and response to various promotional methods. longitudinal panel Cooper Chapter 06 Level: moderate 27.

laboratory, field Cooper Chapter 06 Level: moderate 21. seek to describe a parameters based on the characteristics of a sample B.

Exploratory studies are particularly useful when researchers A.

mystery shopping study Cooper Chapter 06 Level: easy 28.

All of the following are possible goals of an exploratory study except A. attempts to reveal why or how one variable produces changes in another E. attempts to capture a characteristics making inferences from a characteristics and testing resulting hypotheses B. Telephone interview Cooper Chapter 06 Level: moderate 17. records information over a period of time Cooper Chapter 06 Level: moderate 18.

develop hypotheses Cooper Chapter 06 Level: moderate 4. discovers answers to the questions who, what, when, where, or how much D. Documenting interactions between customers and a call center E.

the range and scope of management decisions are established B. investigative questions are defined Cooper Chapter 06 Level: difficult 31.

Exploratory research is finished in all of the following situations except when A. Identify information necessary for formulating investigative questions D.

When political researchers assess opinions towards President plan for social security reform, a(n) study is used.

ex post facto Cooper Chapter 06 Level: moderate 20. A(n) is a study in which the conditions of a system or process are replicated.


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