Proper Use Of References In An Essay

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EXAMPLE: “The single life that exists in late modern society may be perceived as forming part of such a democratic culture.

One may say that it is an effect of the democratisation of the private sphere” (Kloster, 2003, p. Different styles have different rules, but the main principle is that all additions or exclusions in a quotation shall be marked in one way or another.

In a few cases, however, it may be necessary to refer to another scholar’s discussion of a text: Start collecting your references as soon as possible and find a good system for filing them.

If you only expect to use a few references, you can create a document called “List of references” in which you paste the references you want to keep.

If you want to add or replace something in a quotation, you mark this by using square brackets.

Example: “The single life that exists in late modern [western] society may be perceived as forming part of such a democratic culture” (Kloster, 2003, p. It might also be relevant to remove or add italics in a longer quotation. Example: “The single life that exists in late modern society may be can also mean that the quotation is unusual, but correctly reproduced.Collecting all your references in one place makes it easier to keep track of them, even if you do not use all of them in the end.It may also be a good idea to save keywords and search histories for previous searches and in the same document.To follow correct referencing practice you need to mention the source in the text and provide complete information about the source in a reference list (sometimes called a literature list or a bibliography).Proper use of references allows the readers to locate your sources, either to read them or to evaluate your interpretation.You don’t need to give references to absolutely everything. Find out what reference style is generally used in your field and use it consistently throughout your thesis.A reference style is a standardised way of presenting information about your sources. Look at scholarly or scientific articles to see how referencing works in practice.There are for example standard abbreviations that are commonly used in citations.Below you will find some examples of direct and indirect citations using the Harvard style.Note that citation standards are often far less stringent in popular publications such as newspapers.Academic publications have formal rules for citation and referencing that vary between different fields, journals, etc.


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