Problems Of Young People Essay

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Adam Smith, in the Theory of Moral Sentiments, recognised that successful business and a healthy society are interdependent.

When talking about youth unemployment, we must remember that these young people are our future workforce, future consumers and, most importantly, the generation which will determine the destiny of different businesses.

Dominic Barton is one of the judges on our HJI-Reed competition to solve youth unemployment, giving away £10,000 to the winner.

Here he talks about why youth joblessness is a problem that must be addressed and what business leaders can do about it.

That's why the Telegraph Media Group has teamed up with the Henry Jackson Initiative and Sir Alex Reed to launch a national essay prize on how to solve youth unemployment, with the winner receiving £10,000.

Describe how the world of work is changing and what this means for today's school leavers The world of work is currently out of sync with the world of education.

Further, labour’s overall share of available wealth, or the share of national income that goes to worker compensation, has fallen; and income inequality is growing as lower-skill workers — including 75 million young people — experience unemployment, underemployment, and stagnating wages This dangerous mismatch between the needs of employers and of job-seeking youngsters is not only resulting in high youth unemployment but arresting economic development.

Later this month Mc Kinsey will release a 9-country survey that examines the problem in detail and proposes a number of steps-some practical, some radical- that educators, employers, government, and young people can take.

Something drastic that changes in your life would cause depression, like maybe your parents getting a divorce, a death in the family, or your boyfriend/ girlfriend breaking up with you.

For young people, education and training are crucial to becoming valued, contributing adults in society.


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