Problem Solving Multiple Step Problems

If students were still struggling, I pulled them to my small group while the other students worked through their tubs for the week.The following day, we continued to use the 3 step process to solve multi-step problems.As you can see the information that was carried over from Part A was recorded.

I loved the conversations that sparked afterward, “Why did you do that? ” “That would have been an easier way…”This was one of the most effective strategies I’ve ever used for solving word problems! I wanted students to try the process more on their own again.So I passed out another half sheet and glue it into their notebooks.If you think these steps will be helpful for your students or for you as you model thinking through solving complex math tasks with multiple parts, click here or on the image below to grab the poster for free.You can use this to guide your anchor chart and then give students a copy to refer to when they are solving multi-part math tasks.We solved the problem and we were ready to move on. I showed the students how to use information gathered from our fist step to solve the second question.Once we solved, we headed back to our seats to take notes on the three step method.I require my students to actually write the information that is needed from the other part(s) or to write that no information is needed.Here is an example of a constructed response task that has been completed using the steps from the chart.Here are the steps: To me, the most important step will be Step 4.This will force the students to think about whether they need to carry over any existing information for the additional parts.


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