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Add teacher moves (questions, turn-and-talk, votes) as needed to build important mathematics.Write on the board a brief summary of what the class learned during the lesson, using student ideas and words where possible.To learn more about journals, boardwork, and discussion in TTP, as well as see other TTP resources and examples of TTP in action, click on the respective tabs near the top of this page.

Remember, for true problem solving to occur, a problem of mathematical significance should be selected in which no solution method is readily apparent at the outset.

At the same time, however, all students should have access to the problem.

Orchestrating this transition, as well as bringing the class period to a close, summarizing the work that has been done, and setting up the next day's extensions, are also key tasks for the teacher.

Use the information learned in this session to plan a lesson for one of your classes.

Solomon advised students not to rush to find a rule, but rather to explore cases and gather data first. Cho, in the Fish Derby problem, brought the whole group together to work on interpreting the graph and the area of feasibility.

Both of these examples show that a key component of an effective lesson is the balance between individual/group work and the chance for students to share and compare their approaches, strategies, and solutions in presentations to the whole class.

Teaching Through Problem-solving is widespread in Japan, where students solve problems Teaching Through Problem-solving flows through four phases as students 1. Show several student journal reflections from the prior lesson.

Pose a problem that students do not yet know how to solve.

In the lessons you viewed in this session, you saw the teacher introduce the problem by making connections to students' previous mathematical experiences and providing a context for the problem.

After the problem was presented to the class, students worked in groups.


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