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We all know Mc Kinsey so I think we can trust their expertise which is why I wanted to share with you my learnings from the book.Some of them are simple but we don’t implement them enough, others are very clever tips that can help us not just in consulting but also with stakeholder management and buy-in or teamwork.

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Problem Solving Forms Math Problem Solving For Grade 2

The key to striking the balance is quality over quantity.The Mc Kinsey problem-solving process begins with the use of structured frameworks to generate fact-based hypotheses followed by data gathering and analysis to prove or disprove the hypotheses.Gut feeling at this stage is extremely important because we don’t have many facts yet.However, structure strengthens your thinking and ensures that your ideas will stand up.Typically, the problem-solving process would involve defining the boundaries of the problem and then breaking it down into its component elements.Before I get to the tips, here’s the model that Mc Kinsey uses for problem-solving with clients: The Mc Kinsey Mind book covers analysing, presenting and managing problems.I took a ton of kindle notes while reading it and upon reviewing them, I put together the below 8-step framework which is a much simplified and shorter version than what the book offers.Using an initial hypothesis to guide your research and analysis will increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of your decision-making because it provides you and your team with a problem-solving roadmap that will lead you to ask the right questions and perform the correct analysis to get to your answer.A good hypothesis will also save you time by pointing out potential blind alleys much more quickly and allowing you to get back to the main issues if you do go down the wrong path.When doing your research, you don’t want to get as much information as possible, you want to get the most important information as quickly as possible.With a plan of action for what to research, make sure you don’t reinvent the wheel as you start gathering your data.


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