Printing Press Dbq Essay

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People did not have access to books or did not have the chance to have formal education.Furthermore, according to Kreis (2000), the fact that they can get an education impacted deeply on their private lives.

Not every book is in English, rather some are in Spanish or other foreign languages.

No matter the type of book, it took just a couple hours to print them.

In addition, Kreis (2000) reports that the most important progress of science, technology and scholarship is to spread knowledge in a very fast way, and to preserve it.

The invention of the printing press started the “information revolution”, and it is similar to the invention of the internet.

There are thousands upon thousands of books at any university library.

Some of those books are newer than others; some are thicker; some are about history, geography, economics, or engineering.

Education of the mass helps democratization because “at least the ruling elite are constrained to take public opinion into account in reaching their decision” (289).

The invention of the printing press brought the end of a long evolution communication.

It is incredible to think how it is possible to have so many books available for us, and we can have access anytime we want.

Many centuries ago books were very different from modern books.


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