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), I can’t help wondering where the resolution to take control of your finances or save more money is.

According to Huffington Post the top 6 New Year’s resolutions are: And while I’m not knocking those (in fact, they seem like great goals to have!

So, let's just use a tangible example here, and we'll walk through what we could consider the steps of the scientific method, and you'll see different steps articulated in different ways, but they all boil down to the same thing.

You observe something about reality, and you say, well, let me try to come up with a reason for why that observation happens, and then you try to test that explanation.

The average family has a lot of expenses to deal with around Christmas.

Obviously, there’s the gifts but there’s also gift supplies (ex.

The free printable budget planners I’m going to share with you today include a: Download all of these budget worksheets Excel and/or PDF files and use them as needed!

Note: The budget worksheet Excel files have built in functions.

For example, the free monthly budget worksheet automatically adds up income and expenses.

Like I said before, you can find a budget worksheet online for just about any circumstance.


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