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The years Leah spent in Kilanga changed her pre-conceived notions on race and race relations.

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During an ant attack, saving Leah does not once cross Orleanna’s mind.

She recognizes Leah’s strength, although this is not enough to bring them closer together.

A few missionaries, ignoring the warnings given to them, still went into the Congo in the hope of turning souls to God. A war veteran and a Southern Baptist preacher, he gave himself the authority to take dominion over anything he wanted to, believing that the American government, as well as God, supported him.

Nathan brought his family into the Congo in 1959, not knowing that this would spark a change of events that would change his family forever.__________________________________________________________Leah Price does not seem to have a deep, personal relationship with her mother.

Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible follows the Price family after their decision to go to the Congo as missionaries.

The story is told through the eyes of the mother, Orleanna, and her four daughters- Rachel, Leah, Adah, and Ruth May.For this transformation, she had to eliminate her old way of thinking, so she could be open to new ways.Before its independence, Zaire was known as the Congo.Kingsolver uses this novel to illustrate the effects of colonialism.Colonialism is a system where one country dominates over another.Belgium ruled the Congo, and America helped to promote a sense of dominion over it.Many white people from these two countries felt a responsibility to make the Congolese nation much like theirs and to make the Congolese citizens think the same way they did.Although it had crossed her mind, she never fully realized until then that her father was capable of being wrong- both in his way of thinking and in the way he treated his family.This realization marks a huge turning point in Leah’s life, where instead of admiration and awe, Leah’s feelings turn into anger towards Nathan.Many missionaries took it upon themselves to educate the Congolese citizens about God and about the ways of the West.The flow of missionaries into the Congo slowed as political unrest began to unfold.


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