Persuasive Essay On War Of 1812

In Britain, there was mounting opposition to wartime taxation, and merchants demanded to reopen trade with America.With the abdication of Napoleon, Britain's war ended with France and Britain ceased impressment, rendering the issue irrelevant of the impressment of American sailors.

American sentiment grew increasingly hostile toward Britain due to incidents such as the Chesapeakeā€“Leopard affair, which happened five years before the war.

The British were in turn outraged by the Little Belt affair in 1811, in which 11 British sailors died.

Historians debate whether the desire to annex some or all of British North America (Canada) contributed to the American decision to go to war.

However, the Western interest was in expansion into American territories such as Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin, where they were threatened by Indians supported by the British.

The Americans triumphantly celebrated the restoration of their national honour, leading to the collapse of anti-war sentiment and the beginning of the Era of Good Feelings, a period of national unity.

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The treaty was unanimously ratified by the US Senate on February 17, 1815, ending the war with no boundary changes.

The United States' view was that Britain's restrictions violated its right to trade with others.

During the Napoleonic Wars, the Royal Navy expanded to 176 ships of the line and 600 ships overall, requiring 140,000 sailors to man them.

In 1807, Britain introduced a series of trade restrictions via the Orders in Council to impede neutral trade with France, whom Britain was fighting in the Napoleonic Wars.

The United States contested these restrictions as illegal under international law.


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