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Some people say that the music they listen to helps them with memorization.Many people, including myself, find it very easy to memorize lyrics to a song because of the beat and rhymes and now students are taking advantage of that ability and are using it to memorize whatever they might be learning.

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This could be a breakthrough in education, a positive step into the future, and aid to many.

We should be aloud to listen to music with minor limitations during school to keep us focused.

Many people say that music takes stress off their mind by focusing on something else, such as work.

Music has been shown to help kids with ADD/ADHD to concentrate better on the work that is in front of them and keeping their minds off distractions.

Well, today, we are introducing three revolutionary products of this class."The brain loves novelty.

It gets bored easily and craves something surprising and new.

if you are writing to argue against the banning of mobile ipods in school you might start in the following way'Can you imagine a world where creativity is viewed as a shameful activity only to be indulged in behind closed doors?

Can you imagine a world where self expression is not as important as copying down notes from a board?

In cases where you are using a pair or paragraphs, paragraph one should be against you and paragraph two for you, so that you always end on a point in your favour.

It is important that you always support each point for or against you with at least some evidence / reasoning - even if it is a made up anecdote - so that there is some validity to your argument and it is not just assertion.


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