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In this case, instead of allocating money to budget or investment categories, you will be allocating your time and energy to the areas that will be important to living the life you envision.This will be a multiple answer decision that provides focus and balance for the expenditure of your time, money, and talents.Revise your personal value statement for grammar and mechanical errors to make it easier to read.

Write a list of five or six of your past successes and what values you think contributed to each success.

Use an online list of core personal values to spark your imagination (see Resources). Don't be afraid to list the same value multiple times if you believe that particular value was responsible for your success.

Define each value and why it's important to you on a separate sheet of paper.

For example, you may write, "I value integrity because it allows me to be consistent, which shows others that I can be trusted." Write a sentence for each value, or a paragraph if you want to go into more detail.

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His poetry and academic essays have appeared in The Ohio State University at Lima "Hog Creek Review." He holds a bachelor's in English from The Ohio State University.It is important that you paint a complete picture to avoid leaving out something that is truly important.You don't want to arrive at your future state and find out that you left out a critical element.Ask the reader if he can spot any place in the personal value statement that sounds odd or that could be worded better.Make all desired changes and save a copy of your personal value statement.Give each value its own separate line, and put the most important values at the top.Read your personal value statement out loud and listen for places that sound awkward.A wonderful benefit of this decision is that it will help you decide where to say no.Given the ever increasing distractions, diversions, and demands for our time we encounter, you can use your personal vision statement to help identify activities and requests that are leading you away from the direction you intended.A personal vision statement, when reviewed on a routine basis, can provide benefits in your career success, personal relationships and overall satisfaction with your life.As part of network of managed life decisions, your choice of a personal vision is a focusing decision that provides guidance and direction to all your major life decisions.


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