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Of course, there is no need to read everything in full.

Proofread – and then proofread again Don’t turn your essay in without being completely certain it is free from grammar and style errors!

A spell-checker alone won’t do because it will not catch every slip you’ve made while writing. These easy-to-follow steps should set you on your way to becoming a great essay writer.

How to Write an Outstanding Essay Brilliant essays are a product of original thinking.

They summarize key points and findings but offer a new take on the material.

Is the author’s writing in line with the spirit of the time; is he a forward thinker, or a nostalgic trapped in the past?

- Read literary criticism – What are professionals saying about your set text?Make sure you include an introduction, a chain of thought-out paragraphs that nudge the reader along towards an argument, and a conclusion in which you reiterate and summarize your points, and spell out your verdict.3.Stay on the point Some questions are easier to answer than others and you might get tempted to take the easy way out. People will easily recognize if you decide to dodge a particularly large bullet and just skim over it.Remember, practice makes perfect, so write whenever you get a chance and you’ll soon have the skill honed to perfection!If you still get stuck along the way, check out these excellent tools: - an online forum with thousands of writers that help each other out.Has anyone’s opinion resonated with you, in particular, and why?This might seem like a lot of extra work but will provide you with key insights you’ll be grateful for once you sit down to write.Are the author’s texts and opinions consistent or contradictory?- Read texts by author’s contemporaries’ – how do they compare?You cannot observe a text (or any other work, such as artwork for example) in a complete vacuum.It was shaped by the author’s beliefs, their time, and the political backdrop of that time.


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