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Writers benefit from the feedback they get from peer editors, even if they don't much like it at the time.When you write, try to think of your work as open to revision.It is probably a matter of practice, but some writers will always want to move quickly to the next step of working with paper copy.

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Similarly, if your peer editor says what you've written "looks fine" ask about specific parts of your draft ("Did you think the purpose was clearly stated in my introduction? If you feel rather bruised by the comments of your peer editor, remind yourself that the comments are about your writing, not about you.

If someone finds what you've written unclear, confusing, muddled, repetitive or just plain boring, that's one person's opinion. If you've considered your peer editor's advice and don't feel that it's helpful, you're always free to ignore it.

A good approach is to start by telling the writer what you like and then mention what doesn't work.

Be tentative: rather than saying "This is really muddled" try something like "I wasn't completely clear about what this sentence meant." Try not to make blanket judgements ("It's really hard to understand) or vague statements ("Your description here is ok) in favour of specific instances ("This list really makes the procedure clear"; "I think you need to make this point more clearly").

The most valuable editing advice concerns content, organization and style.

Peer editors whose only comments are about punctuation, mechanics or spelling may help the writer write a more correct piece of writing, but it still may not be clear or engaging. Your role as peer editor is not to fix the problems you find but to bring them to the writer's attention. The biggest help you can offer is to point out what works and doesn't work for you as a reader.

It can be hard to say what you really think about a piece of writing.

It's often tempting to say "Looks fine to me," but your writer will learn nothing from the exercise.

In most government workplaces, it's very common to be asked either to provide your work in draft form for others to review or to review draft documents written by others.

In either case, it's useful to know what works best.


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