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Most of the sites, we cover in this post, pay you to write reviews, even if you don’t come with a vital online presence and a whopping amount of followers.Netgalley has been working since 2007, so no need to question their integrity.Software Judge, as the name suggests, is a place where you get paid for reviewing software websites. You don’t have to be a tech geek to evaluate these websites. Your earning depends on the quality of the review you give.

There is a reason that allows them to achieve that feat.But what is the key thing that helps you make a final decision before completing the purchase? When companies launch a particular product, they need reviews to highlight its main features to a number of visitors.It is highly likely, they send the first two-three items for free to the potential customers in exchange of giving a good review.There is no denying, online space has taken over conventional marketing strategies where we used to go from place to place to convince potential prospects. You can’t rely on traditional marketing techniques and pray your business gets off the ground real quick. If your business doesn’t appear online, people would hardly believe if you even exist.Previously, there was no concept of buying items online, be it related to dresses, food, gadgets, appliances, and shoes, you would need to physically go to the market and pick the stuff you like. Buying your favorite product is now one click away. Based on the number of good reviews, you decide if the product is worth buying.And My Survey gives you a wonderful opportunity to make money while giving feedback to different brands. You can use earned points both ways – in exchange for real money or you can get gift cards from a number of renowned retailers like CVS, Amazon, Applebee’s.It is a remarkable place that pays you to write reviews.This platform is a haven for authors planning to leave a mark with their words.Writers will give preliminary copies of their book to the potential readers in exchange for good reviews.You will get paid as you share your valuable opinion on Crowdtap.Once you sign up, you will be offered a number of question on a daily basis related to different brands.


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