Parking Business Plan

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While its programs are not directly aligned with the primary mission of the institution, they are an important service allowing the University to pursue such.

As a service organization, Parking & Commuter Services will continue to focus on how to best serve the institution while ensuring its programs are reflective of the University’s values and supportive of the Strategic Plan.

Contact a real estate agent and inform him that you are trying to locate a 10 to 20 space parking garage or parking lot.

Use the real estate agent as a resource to help you evaluate properties that will give you the highest income potential based on the research.

Create a management section to help you and your staff operate the garage company efficiently each day.

Make sure you implement a financial plan so you will be able to monitor the cash flow.The fastest way to make money is to establish a detailed business plan.Obtain one parking lot with 20 spaces and charge .00 a day to each customer. Operate three parking lots and you can make ,000 a month.Step 4 Parking Lot Business Plan Develop a business plan to help you start a parking lot business.Design a marketing section so that you will know exactly how you plan to get customers to use your parking services.Try to interview the owner and ask him how he started this business.Step 3 Perform Business Research Perform business research to help you learn how to start and operate a parking lot or a garage business.Work extra jobs and sell stuff around your home to raise and obtain cash.Step 2 Work at a Parking Garage Business Perform volunteer work to help you start and operate a parking lot business.Things You'll Need: Computer with Internet Access Cash at least ,000-,000 Home Office Cell Phone Reliable Transportation Step 1 Raise and Obtain Cash Decide how much money you can afford to spend to help you start and operate a parking lot business.Do not borrow money or go into debt while getting your garage or parking lot company started.


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