Parents Helping With Homework

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Set the timer for 15 minutes at first, and let your child know that if they work as hard as they can for that 15 minutes, they get to take a 5-minute break when it’s done.

Then repeat that process, slowly increasing the working time up to 25 minutes. First, set the expectation: they need to record there assignments somewhere.

Whether that’s on their first algebra assignment, a year-long science project they don’t know how to start, or a lingering book report where the due date has come and gone…

Sometimes it’s hard to know when to step in and how to direct them without helping too much.

Ultimately the question we’re asking is: Should parents help with homework? It’s one of the first questions we get from the parents we work with, so we put together a guide that you can use to find an answer that works for your family.

Below is a breakdown of when it makes sense to lend a hand, and how to do it effectively. Then we’ll outline some more general recommendations on what to do.

Here are some easy organization tips you can implement in addition to recording assignments.

As it turns out, this problem is actually very similar in nature to the “Super Bowl Kids” problem, in that students often procrastinate more the larger the project.

They’re already at the table, away from distractions, so start by tacking on 15-20 minutes either before or after dinner to review upcoming assignments for the week.

You can ask And then have them outline the steps they need to take.


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