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Since his beginnings as a newspaper photographer, Josh has combined his love of nature and adventure with his passion for photography by teaching photography workshops and guiding adventure trips throughout the world.He works regularly with non-profit environmental organizations as both a visual consultant and photographer in an effort to create public awareness through the visual medium.

William Henry Jackson and Carleton Watkins carried huge cameras out into the wilderness as part survey expeditions.

They depicted nature as a Garden of Eden, and their photographs were used as tools to protect extraordinary landscapes as national parks for future generations.

This is the equivalent to using a yellow or red filter, as Ansel Adams did with black and white film, only we now have much more subtle and powerful controls available.

Then use the controls of burning and dodging to darken elements that are not as important and lighten those elements where you want the path of the eye to focus.

In the 1920s and '30s, Ansel Adams expanded nature photography by infusing a personal point of view into his images of the Sierra Nevada.

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He called this approach an “extract” of nature, the result of making a photograph that contained all that he saw and felt about the scene.One of the largest assignments that he accepted while at the university was covering the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle.His work from this project appeared in many publications and won Photographer’s Forum Magazine’s “Best of College Photography Annual 2000”.I wanted to pay homage to the master but not duplicate his work.The result was a magazine story published in October 2011 and a book entitled Nature as a subject matter has been present since the beginning of photography.The field of nature photography can now be expanded to include all of Earth, an exciting prospect to discover and enjoy.I wanted to pass along some general thoughts after looking at the submissions of the last couple of days.If possible, I would recommend shooting in RAW format and then converting the image to black and white.At the time of the conversion, it is possible to adjust the red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow pixels into darker or lighter shades of grey.Adams still depicted nature as primarily a Garden of Eden, even as development started to take hold in the American West.Today we have a different view of nature than the early photographers, and it by necessity requires a different approach.


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